Mommy Marriage

Date: 7/6/2017

By StarryStaples

I dreamed that my mother had planned out my entire wedding. I wasn't happy about it because, well, that's MY wedding. I mean, she had picked out the dress, music, everything but the groom. It was the day before, and I was frustrated, and I decided to go around to all the people she had hired and make changes. I was wearing my wedding dress, which she had picked out. I didn't hatetge dress, but it wasn't my choice. My older cousin was there and she went with me. I think she drove, actually. We went to this one place in a wooden building and they were out to lunch. "Be back soon, within 3 hours." Well. Great. We started trying some other vendors, and the dream melted into anther dream where I worked at a different McDonald's way out in the county. I had the same store manager, I think, but it was also Sarah (Daiken.) I was almost done and there was a kerfuffle about tea and I got that straightened out and finally left to go finish sorting out my wedding. Jake was at work, so I had to walk. Except, this store was WAAY out where Sarah lives. She happened to be leaving and saw me walking and gave me a ride. We saw my cousin Carrington and someone else stuck in the car so we started to help them and I woke up.