Frozen death

Date: 3/28/2019

By eemilywalton

in the beginning of the dream i was at school going to classes and i went to something we have called “i connect” In the dream it was outside and it was snowing like crazy. I was sitting down with some friends and i was looking through my backpack and there was tons of half eaten food in it and they were making fun of me for it. Then in a split second in the dream i woke up in this huge pile of snow and there was a hole at the top where it looked like someone dug me out. I climbed to the top and looked out and i was in this cage thing but it was unlocked. I realized that i was frozen in that hole for years. There was these people that were just hanging around the area and i had them help me get out, this one girl had to make stairs for me to come down and i had to try multiple times to get down the stairs without falling and flying back up in the hole. Once i finally got out i seen my aunt and i was crying, nobody told me how long it was. In my head i was wondering about my boyfriend. Did he move on from my “death”? Was he still thinking about me? i was too scared to ask my aunt. She said my mom was coming, and when she came all she was worried about is the cedar point trip she was taking and we went straight there. I was crying because it didn’t really seem like she was happy to see me and i didn’t have anything like clothes, makeup, body care, and she didn’t care. At one point she got there and had me drive to mcdonalds but i remember being pushed by a gust of wind to these train tracks. the train was behind me and coming very slowly and i was walking on it trying to get to this field. The train kept getting closer and closer and almost ran me over but i got off of it with a split second to spare. Once i got in the field there was a trail of my phone but multiples of them. I picked one up and started reading me and my boyfriends text messages, it gave me no clue or sign that he moved on or anything, and i still never knew how I got in that huge pile of snow in that cage. I started walking back but kept having the urge to read more phones but i also had a bad feeling about turning back because my mom would wonder where i was.So then once i got back to mcdonald’s, cedar point was right next to it was a big fence surrounding it, so i kept trying to climb the fence but kept falling. After trying multiple times i felt these warm hands grab me from the back and push me up over the fence. Once i got up and looked through the fence it was my boyfriend. I started crying so much, and asked him how long i’ve been gone and if he moved on. He said he couldn’t tell me those answers and i had to go back and look at the phones. So i said can you help me back up? and he said i love you and then walked towards the phones. I climbed the fence without a fight this time. He was already out of sight, i started running to the phones because i needed answers. Once i got there the line of my multiple phones was still there, i picked another one up and read more text, they read “emily you need to be careful” and then i picked up another one and it read “don’t do this please, i can’t risk losing you” and then i picked up the last one and it said “i love you” i dropped the phones and started to cry because i still didn’t get answers, i looked behind me and he was standing right there. I said “i still didn’t receive any answers?” And he smiled at me and hugged me tight. He said in order to know what happened you have to see for yourself and touched my shoulder and i was going into this other dimension type thing, there was tons of clocks ticking and i was flying right through. Then i was me again when i was with my friends and they were making fun of me for the food in my backpack. Then i looked around anxious waiting to find answers. I got up to throw the food away and then my mom stood behind me, she grabbed my shoulders and said “im sorry emily i have to do this, they’re forcing me to or else me, your sister, and your boyfriend will die” I cried and then i screamed “who’s they?” and she said “them” and pointed to her right. I looked where she was pointing and there was hundreds of frozen dead bodies in a standing open freezer, they were staring at me. My mom picked me up and threw me super far and i was deep in the snow. I cried and screamed and eventually i fell asleep. Then i was back in the field with my boyfriend, evan. He looked at me and kissed my forehead. “see my precious girl, this is why i couldn’t tell you, they wouldn’t let me” I was like what happened to them and he said they’re all put to rest, i was only needed to be in there for 7 years. I looked at him and said so how did you deal with me being in there for 7 years? he said “my love for you is untouchable and unbreakable, it last forever” I hugged him and cried in his arms, then he said “ now you must go back to the real world where i love you a billion times even more” and then i woke up and i wanna cry because that was cute as fuck.