Back to School

Date: 8/3/2017

By Odd

I was going to school to get another degree but this time in music. Then I met this guy named Caleb who recruited me to play the piano at a party. I played some kind of piano that had rising dimensional shapes in 4/4 timing. Caleb's dad told me that his dad approved of the gig, but I decided to blow him off and went to the school that had a 90% drop out rate of girls once they saw their dorms. The dorm was made out of some wood bundles for walls and doors and everything. During a movie I learned that one of my roommates had a dog that bit off their toes as a child. I asked them if they had them sewn back on, and they said yes. The layout of the building was bad and had winding hallways to a bathroom at the far end of the building. The last hallway opened into some sketchy looking street where the person showing me around turned to me and said it wasn't their fault that crime decided to turn up at this street and that they built the dorm here first. I went to find my classroom but the time of day was messed up. I had to go to the bathroom which had 3 stalls that had clocks in each of them that I had to change to make the time correct. But I was kidnapped after walking back to class after being too afraid of the presence I felt lingering around the bathrooms. It was for Caleb's party and his dad was trying to kill me after I successfully played the dimensional piano that not only made topographical shapes, but turned into sunny side up eggs at the end of the piece. I somehow faked my death and came back. Found out that some girl at the party that I never met was the reason for wanting me dead because she was stuck in this family that was in some kind of gang and I wasn't. I was sitting on the stairs talking to this girl at some mall about why everyone was angry today. There was some current event with the stock market which was why. Then I said I was afraid of heights so I had to walk back down. I forgot my phone and it was diagonally positioned leaning against the last step of the escalator which wasn't moving.