presidential call

Date: 2/12/2017

By Ashleyporter

Okay so I randomly found two $100 bills in the house and I gave them to my dad cuz I thought they were his and he lost them (idk if they actually were) and like two days later I randomly mention to him how great it was of me to do that and he said that it was such a good thing I did that I should be expecting a call from the president????? And then like 10 minutes later I have a missed call (my phone is almost always on 'do not disturb' for no particular reason other than the fact that I just like it on that setting) so I listen to the message and Donald Trump called and left a message so I called back and the weirdest part of this is that when I called back one of my dads friends Jeff answered the phone as Trump and it was strange because it felt like I was just having a conversation w Jeff as he was trying to impersonate Trump??? Anyways he was like "you've been an outstanding citizen for what you did is there any way we could repay you" and I said "yeah send me $200" and he was like "get in line so many people have been asking me for money I can't send you some and not everyone else" so then I settled for almost like this care package thing from the White House but I got to choose its contents and I wanted a president pen (one of the pens the president writes w to sign documents) and something else I can't remember and then I got to pick one more thing and I couldn't think of anything and he said "not many people know this but the drinking fountain water here in the White House is exceptional" so then I picked a Tupperware container w drinking water in it from the White House....?????