Serving and shopping

Date: 3/9/2017

By Faith997

So in the first dream I was a waiter in an asian bistro/ restaurant. It was like I just started there cause I asked many questions about where what specific table was and stuff. Nothing really special happened there except that a man choked on his food and I brought him a glass of water. In the second dream I was in a sportsgear shop with my best friend and his mother. It was a huge place and I wore a bandana and a snapback for whatever reason. We were just goofing around and there were some cute girls. I overheard some girls talking about their exams and that they were only 45 minutes for each different lesson and I got angry because mine are about 2 - 3 hours long (I'm a college student in germany and currently having my exams) so I said that they have it so easy. Thats what I remember from both dreams but the strange thing is that I already had them both at one time in my life and they happened in the same night.