Sexy Restaurant Job 🍽

Date: 7/3/2017

By brookethegreat

I interviewed at one of those restaurants where the servers wear sexy outfits. I would never irl, but for some reason I really liked this place. There were men and women servers, so maybe the lack of obvious sexism made it feel less exploitative? There was really nothing better about this job than the job I already had. Similar pay, similar schedule, similar workload. I was just tired of my old job and there was something about this place that I liked. So I started cheating on my old job. I didn't even coordinate schedules, I just skipped shifts to work at the restaurant. The uniform was a fairly conservative skirt and a strapless bra. The skirt kept changing between red plaid and pastel floral. The bra was actually pretty amazing. I've never had a strapless bra stay up that well in real life. I miss that braπŸ™ There wasn't a good place to change. That happens in a lot of dreams. I remember trying to change back into my ice cream shop uniform under a table while a bunch of my friends and co-workers were talking to me. PJ was ordering an ice cream for this old lady he'd been hanging out with. He was thinking about it way too hard. It's ice cream. There's no wrong decision.