Date: 2/8/2017

By DragonBuddhist

I dreamt I had to go back to my old school, and at first it was mostly as I remembered it, except people in the years below me kept tried to get me to help them sell illegal chicken nuggets. After lunch was finished however, everyone else was supposedly making their way back to class, but I didn't want to go, so I ended up exploring places of the school that in dreamland I knew has always existed but never bothered to check out. I discovered an actual Chinatown (as in it was a town from China) where a lot of my smarter schoolmates were studying with the locals. Then I discovered a wizarding section of the school called Hogglewarts or something, and I was awed. The kids there didn't have a teacher so I offered to look after them, but then I realized I could get in trouble if I did so instead I went to solve problems by myself. I ended up finding a dark sorcerer working on some sort of scheme, and it was up to me to defeat him in a very melancholic battle. He died and I retrieved a key from him, but I realized I was late for class and that the teachers would be very upset with me. I woke up shortly after.