Foursome at gun point

Date: 6/14/2019

By natassja666

In my dream my boyfriend and I were in our house. We lived in this nice big and white super modern looking house on a lot of land. This man was trying to kill us. Braden (my boyfriend) went outside with a loaded gun to try and shoot him. I was in this house with all the doors locked trying to call 911. I kept having a hard time calling though. Braden ended up being not able to shoot the guy, and the guy got his gun. He forced me to let them both into the house. This cute blonde girl with huge boobs and a super round booty , wearing jean short shorts came with them. The guy with the gun said we were going to participated a foursome or we was going to murder us both. He got me and the blond girl to give him a blowjob at the same time and forced my boyfriend to strip naked and just watch.