spiders, kermit the frog, dogs, the cabin, floating, movie (4/6/19)

Date: 4/7/2019

By jadaking

we were in dylans cabin but it was different, winkler zander emal & jordan , dylan was there, these two random girls me sven julie martin brandon ronyck was there too. We were all sleeping there These weird spiders would come out between emals bag whenever i got up to walk, it was super weird & they were thin long huge spiders that would only come off his packback & produce like gold light because they were all connected, it looked like when that one sliver of sunlight would peak threw & u could see the dust, but it was spiders we were playing some dope chill music off svens phone & there was a real fireplace, her phone had a projector & kermit the frog was on the wall, when she turned her phone 360 degrees around the cabin the entire cabin turned green and produce cool stars and shine light i thought i got my period with sven & adrian there were 3 annoying cats & this couple kept bringing in this random baby i feel asleep on the white couch with mason he was sleep talking asking for lex when i went outside with emal there were 100 jax & jimmies but i knew which one was mine, i was paranoid so i kept bringing in my two dogs & locking the door wanting to feel safe we all went for a walk, javier came it was down dylans road but it was super widny and had many hills, javier had a super power to like levate/float/hoover over the ground so he carried me & when we passed brandon ronyck he gave me this crazy stare we passed this insane house that was full of people & outside were cops with big guns all pointing at us, lex k asked who it was & it was steven tyler from areo smith he was playing live music outside with a huge bonfire but they were using his house to film a movie the movie where that person drowns in the pool cuz no on helps him ??? lex was gonna take a rip but got kicked out, it was like a game to see who would get kicked out, sven fell into the pool backwards & splashed everyone then that guy fell into the pool & we all watched him drown sam g tried to reenact it & i grabbed her phone out of her pocket before she jumped in, we started laughing when she got out of the pool she looked damn fucking hot 3:44am