Water park War

Date: 8/25/2017

By jelloisfluffy

My husband and I are at a water park. We start have off having a blast. I get off one ride and a lifeguard yells at me. We begin to feud with a group of young life guards. S(husband) goes to the front of the park to find a manager. I'm sitting right outside a cabana where all of these lifeguards are taking a break talking about a lone gunman who was being apprehended at the front of the park. Worried I run to catch up to S. We run into each other both in a panic. Sean blurts out there are multiple men with fire arms shooting everybody. We run to the edges of the park looking for a place to hide. Through the chain link fences we see more gunman preparing and know they see us. We run the opposite way there is a bathroom surrounded by huge bushes now bombs are raining down as well. We see a huge bush there is a secret opening we sneak behind it and there is an alcove that fits both our bodies. I lay on top of him to shield him from any of the bomb remnants and tell him I love him. I feel a bomb go off close by and then I wake up.