Date: 5/4/2022

By Purple

I was holding about a pound of marijuana, almost shaped like a large brick in paper wrapping. I didn’t want to get busted having it, so in a hurry, I threw it toward the second floor of some building I was walking passed. Later on, I was looking for the window which had the windowsill that I threw the marijuana to. For safe keeping. I saw some guy (college age or 20s) looking out that same window. I asked if he saw a package I threw there earlier. He said in fact he did. I asked if I could have it back. Apparently, he smoked the whole brick with his friends. I asked who were his friends. Suddenly, about a dozen faces showed up beside him. Some looked sheepishly guilty and the rest just popped their faces out the window as if to say, “What’s up?” I was in someone’s basement. Many, many people came in and out of the hang out area. There was a bathroom nearby, but the entrance was precariously dangerously, as if in a treehouse. One had to enter from the side, as the outside of the entrance was just air. Many people were hanging out, usually alone, in this basement. One of those people I recognized as someone famous. I was embarrassed in my dream I didn’t remember his name. I said, “Oh, you’re that famous actor!” “That’s right,” he said. Upon waking, I realized it was Morgan Freeman.