Date: 6/16/2019

By tjhj

I dreamed I was in an arcade inside my old high school when someone mentioned there was going to be a flood. There was a hoard of people walking through the jalls5 but me and the few people inside decided to keep playong for a bit longer. So we closed the steel door in case the school flooded whem we werent paying attention amd kept playing. And when we were ready to leave, the steel door's electric panels had died, as had all.of.the games. We were trapped. We tried banging on the door but there was no one. So I banged on it continuously, in case someone walked by or heard us far off and was trying to follpw the sound while everyone else discussed solutions. They were getting no where, so I stopped and offered my input. I noticed the pluh2 to the door lying on the ground and asked if anyone tried that. They deduced that bevaude the games were plugged in and not working, that the doir wouldnt either. I said let's try it anyway. It worked. I plugged it in and the keypad lit up. We left and found it wasn't even raining. We saw a hoard of younger students leaving the school carrying instruments and I saw the drumline was missing someone as one student was carrying multiplw drums. So i went out to help, thinjing i was the missing link. When we got out there, everyone put everything dpwn and then put them back on. I heard someone scream my name from the stands and then saw a figjre racing out. It qad then that I realized the band was on the football field about to perform. I was no longer a part of this band. So I grabbed the excess of drums and ran off. My formwr boss met me on the sidelines and we chatted about it on the way back up. I sat in yhe stands with the others who were trapped in with me and the show began. It had something to do with water and me and a few realized the show must have been the 'flood' we heard about. I looked around at thrm and realized i didn't really fit in with the group. Never had really.