jumping off into the ocean

Date: 8/14/2019

By Dreamy_bear_4738

I was chasing a guy all the way to the construction nearby the beach. We somehow ended up standing on the plank board that was part of the construction. I looked down. 200 ft high above the water. He flung himself off into the vast blue sea. I jumped. In the midst of a fall, Preparing my form, I shaped myself like an arrow to hit against the water. everything happened so fast. My body sunk into the water so deep that I saw a convergent plate. I saw the cooling lava and the guy off the distance. I told myself to let go of the guy. Looking up to a blurry dim light, I understand how deep I was from the surface. I moved my limbs like how a turtle would swim. I used my arm to rip through the water as if I was tearing a giant piece of wall every time. Once to the surface, my lungs vacuumed all the air. The scene of the dream shifts to a small delicate animal living inside a coat. It took 20 years to grow healthy. The scene of dream shifts to me living in this broken sheltered place. I had a 30 year old man telling me to go over there to group of guys to steal something. Hungry, desperate, famished person that I am, I immediately did it without hesitation. They yelled “Hey!” some how we ended up being chased in the grocery store