melanie martinez

Date: 8/17/2017

By melb

i dreamt about this like a week ago but i forgot to write it down and it still makes me see melanie martinez a bit differently. I just remember her fighting an evil version of her and she had to defeat it.. and somehow she kind of did.. to an extent. She defeated it by throwing some kind of magic stone at her and she fell into this giant teddy bear maker and she slowly started deteriorating as the stuffing and cake frosting consumed her until only her spirit remained and it played melanie martinez music while this was happening. Her evil spirit which inhabited this one crazy melanie martinez themed rollercoaster ride would torture anyone who rode it. so like these two kids, a boy and a girl decided to ride it and the ride would make pit stops at different places. one of those places being some building with like a church, and businesses and stuff. So the kids would walk through it and they would crash this wedding and this one dude who was officiating it would constantly say "MOO" because where i had this dream, there were cows and the cow's moo's would somehow get in my dream. So the dream ends where the kids are in the cart of the ride and it begins to malfunction and go crazy.