the other girl???

Date: 8/2/2017

By liltenderfoot

why did i have a dream where i fucked the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with in the shower what kind of fucked up masochistic shit is that and the worst part is i enjoyed it??? i was at a party and this guy (her friend) got there first and warned me that she was coming and i was just kind of like "alright if she comes she comes" then, fast forward past me trying to avoid her at the party, i'm in this locker room/shower room with her and its pretty awkward. we're both undressing and getting ready to shower. we start talking, nothin serious, just awkward comments on the situation and i'm being a bitch with short responses. then, we start to watch each other as we undress, and i look at her lips, and her skin, and they both look so soft. somehow, we end up in the shower in the corner of the room, hiding from other party goers, in the warmest water just kissing and feeling each other, and it feels so wrong, knowing what she's done, and where she's been, who she has been with, but that was part of the allure for me. i wanted to experience her to. was this what he felt that night or day? did he enjoy it this much? he must think about it often. makes me sick and makes me sad so why did it turn me on