Kiss of a girl

Date: 12/27/2016

By matchamano

i don't remember most of my dreams, since its all a jumbling, random things. but hastily and loosely connected, thus it become one dream. first i remember is that I'm in a middle of a celebration, an office/organization celebration. i forget what we were celebrating about, but im sure it was a birthday. there we were equipped with some kind of watery drums? and each of us has different 'powers' of some sort. i dont remember how it goes but suddenly something involving toilets, 'spirit' powers, and special squads ended the party. second thing i remember was im inside a car after the party, going home i think with my cousin. i ended up having to babysit my cousin's son in her hotel room because she needed to go elsewhere. inside her room we met several people, a maid, an older looking lady (40-ish), and a young woman. no one looked familiar except the young woman, i think she's a local actress but i cant place who was she. long story short the baby, maid, and older woman get out of the room. and then this young woman suddenly sit on my lap and started kissing me, turns out we were an item. huh, who would have thought? as far as making out goes (I'm sure you guys understand) we didn't do something more raunchy, turns out (i dont know how i suddenly know) that she's just an 18 year old woman. already an adult in my country's law anw. then suddenly i got a call from the boss i just celebrated with she calls me and several other people that is time. scene shifted to a meeting room, i was given a small metal rod that can act as a medium for the 'spirit power' of my choosing, there's this senior that i know that choose the Sun Wukong spirit I've seen in a graphic novel. and then the boss said "its time" and then we go inside a helicopter to do some secret mission