A Very Annoying Man

Date: 3/27/2017

By Goldilox

Part 1: A very annoying man, with a strange obsession for Coke and jello, has just met his new neighbour Emma Watson. He decides to try and annoy her by buying ludicrous amounts of Coke and jello and gifting it to her. It annoys her a lot. Part Two: The very annoying man has just made a new circle of friends, one of whom wears a bandana around his mouth constantly. This friend turns out to be a Christopher Walken lookalike, who sounds nothing like the real Christopher Walken. The very annoying man ends up responsible for putting one of his new friends on a hospital bed, but does not seem to care. The very annoying man has a conversation with the Christopher Walken lookalike, whose appearance still remains a mystery to him. The very annoying man finds out that when the Christopher Walken lookalike was younger, he had a H.A.M. Radio, but it went missing. Part Three: It was Christmas, and the very annoying man decides that, instead of giving the Christopher Walken lookalike a present, he would instead play a prank on him. He sends him a package, and all of the Christopher Walken lookalikes family gathers to see what it contains. The first thing they see, which makes the Christopher Walken lookalike excited, as he thinks it was a H.A.M. radio like the one he had as a child, turns out to be a busted laptop and two ziplock bags, each containing a different type of ham. The Christopher Walken lookalike tries to look on the bright side, saying that his uncle would be able to use the ham in his cooking, but this is a hard thing to do. The very annoying man now enters the room, presumably having let himself in. The Christopher Walken lookalike comfronts him about how he was angry that the very annoying man decided to play a prank on Christmas, and that he still hadn't forgiven him for putting one of their friends in the hospital. The very annoying man is not sorry, but instead decides to push the prank further. He invites all the other friends over, and has them gather outside a giant snow-covered cliff near the Christopher Walken lookalikes house. The cliff is lined with small, grabable wooden pins, looking very much like a poorly constructed rock-climbing wall. The very annoying man informs everyone that there is something for the friend in the hospital at the top of the cliff, and that he would now climb the cliff to retrieve it. He jumps and grabs two of the pins, then lets go and says "Nope, not doing it". The Christopher Walken lookalike is annoyed. He takes off his bandana and everyone, including the person having this dream, thinks "Dude, he looks exactly like Christipher Walken". It is no surprise as to why he wears the bandana. The Christopher Walken lookalike, face now fully exposed, begins climbing the cliff. He makes it to the top after some time, and some loose pins, and the very annoying man yells to him "Grab my bat!". The top of the cliff is littered with abandoned toys and sports gear, much like the roof of a house with kids who like to throw things onto the roof. The Christopher Walken lookalike picks up a blue, foam bat in front of him, and is about to yell again about how angry he is, when he slips and falls backwards off the cliff. He lands and goes through at least twenty layers of snow which break his fall, but not enough for him to walk away uninjured. The very annoying man, and this is the confusing part, looks at the "camera", and says "Now let's cut to some clips". Part Four: Three scenes from the sets of horror movies, before they were edited down, begin to play, all involving children. The first is a little girl covered in blood, who rises up and screams to the camera, then bursts out laughing. The second is an animatronic baby with razor sharp teeth stained with blood. It is looking in a mirror, and twists its face into a terrifying grin, then looks back at the camera and laughs and smiles. The third is a little girl who looks very sinister, and she calls for her make-up people to apply more to her forehead, saying "We need a little more here, and a lot more in this area." My alarm went off, so this is - The End.