$10 Million

Date: 3/14/2019

By shelby406

Me and my sister were walking with a person I thought was Layla, she said she would give us $10 million for delivering whatever it was, but they got $81 million for it. Anyways the place was 10 miles away and we had to walk. A while passes and I stop in a store that’s literally called, “Downtown Walmart” so you already know it’s a shabby place. We just look around for a while and then my grandmas there. Hallie go lost in the store and was screaming my name. My grandma was looking at a lunch box and I asked her why, she said so she could pack Hallie a lunch, I said ok that makes sense. We went to pack Hallie a lunch at our house and we forgot Hallie at the store! I tell my grandma to go back and get her while I make the lunch. I’m sitting in the flatbed not even moving while she goes down the road, I know she needs to stop so I can get out but I didn’t signal for her to stop because I was in a weird, calm state. Eventually I signaled for her to stop and she didn’t notice at first but when she did she got out. When just kept unintentionally stalling to go get Hallie after that.