Train accident and ex

Date: 2/27/2017

By dixsilence

I only remember I was walking to the other side of the rails but didn't noticed a big orange charge train that was wrecking havoc to this direction. I barely crossed but the people behind me didn't make it. I hadn't the courage to look back but the ambulances were already there. The people were impressed and scared for the level of destruction and deaths this train made. I walked away from there, tried to listen to the radio about the news, an important person from government also died. I make it to my place but it changed. Now I'm trapped in my ex's life. Like they can't see me and I can't get out. Everything they do, talk or think I was able to watch it. The last thing was me laying in the floor while she talked with there cats about her super bf, how sad was while he's not there and all that stuff. After making weird lovebird noises we went to his bed and slept together. Was that awkward or what.