King George III and lemon squares

Date: 1/26/2017

By caitlynmarie3

I dreamt that I was working at my local library, same old same old. Suddenly, I heard the loud, booming voice of King George III sauntering into the library with his red robes and powdered wig, looking as obnoxious as ever. "Great." I thought. "It's this asshole." So King George III goes on asking me to help him find a cookbook with the best recipe for lemon squares I could find. I agreed, and looked through the section of cookbooks with him until we found one he liked. He checked out his book with his (for some reason gold) library card and went on his way. Only minutes later, the king was back with a platter of fresh lemon squares he had made cut into the shape of hearts (lemon hearts?). He handed me the platter, told me I was beautiful, thanked me for my time and left for good. Maybe King George III wasn't so bad after all...