Date: 3/28/2019

By chilipeppa

This dream was kind of upsettting ... so it was Christmas again and I remember being in my kitchen eating a huge sandwich and the blonde girl from my mgmt and drawing class offered me another one and we were all sitting around eating and it didn’t it all feel like a holiday. I remember hanging out with this older girl and her boyfriend who was like a really hot bad boy that looked like Klaus from umbrella academy. He knew I had a boyfriend but that I also had a crush on him, so he tried to mess with me like a little doll for shits and giggles. He tied a pink ribbon around my neck and went “hm how am I gonna make this necklace stay” and proceeded to tie it in a knot with his mouth, continuing to suck on my neck. He was soo sexy my whole body shivered. Another time sam s like magically appeared?? And was hanging out with me in bed during this holiday except my room at home was the same as my dorm. He kept acting all sexy also and wanting me to fuck and it was soo hard I kept having to tell myself u can’t do it u have a boyfriend but I wanted to soo bad. then we were all suddenly playing basketball on this slanted raised highway in a post apocalyptic lookin city. Anyway I feel like m dream was trying to tempt me with manlier guys than jack which made me sad but deep down it’s kinda true.. the guys that were fucking around with me were so hot and tall and have big hands and feet and act so mature and smooth ... jack isn’t those things he’s still hot and i love him tho...