Spirit Aero and Buck

Date: 9/3/2019

By twilson37

Working at Spirit Aero again. Parked the car in a restricted lot. I wasn’t authorized to park there. Went back to get car and it was gone. Talked to lot guard to see if it had been towed. Not towed, just moved to another lot. Female officer took me to other lot. We walked. Made our way through several buildings via the back way...tunnels, back doors etc. Same dream or different, not sure. Buck (irl dead) and the boys (toddlers...irl grown) find me, we seem to have gotten separated. Buck was shit faced drunk (irl, alcoholic). Feel like there was some kind of public holiday or celebration going on. They were at the festival and I was at work (irl, sounds about right). I was pissed. Can you not look after your kids for one day without getting drunk, you useless fuck! He’s been dead these past 9 years, and I’m still mad about his drinking apparently. Anniversary of his death approaching. Maybe mad about more than just the drinking. Our relationship was backwards to most. I worked and supported family. He stayed home and played Mr. Mom. He got to do the fun stuff. I got to work.