Fashion Designer Dream Ruined

Date: 8/21/2017

By randybobandy

I had all these ideas for amazing cute clothes that I wanted to make, but I don't know how to sew or use a machine or work with materials or anything. I was walking around town (I lived here in the dream but it was completely unfamiliar) and came across two of my friends from high school. I came up to them and told them about my fashion ideas and when I finished talking I realized they both had been smoking weed (which they would never do in real life). They couldn't process what I was saying and just laughed and walked away. For some reason that meant the death of my fashion dreams for me. I kept walking and came across a giant mansion swarming with people trying to get inside. I pushed through the crowd, somehow I knew I had a key. Everyone was yelling "Let us in with you! Let us in to Obama's house!!!" And I'm like "No! You only wanna hurt him!!! I can't let you hurt him!" Then someone yelled "How do you have a key to Obama's house?" And I said "Because I'm a Senator!" And then I woke up.