As A Ghost In Costco

Date: 6/20/2017

By precociousoceans

I first dreamt that a large package of E was delivered to my home. It was some kind of variety order, but the pills were unusually large. There were some that looked and were shaped just like paper clips but would dissolve when you touched them to your tongue. Yum   I then had a dream that I had transformed into a spirit like entity, invisible and weightless. For whatever reason my target of exploration was a Costco. I floated around inside and started testing my abilities. I noticed as I brushed up against things that they would move. I set my focus on a particular family and began pushing things around next to the daughter. She would notice and make comment to her family but they would ignore her. I got bored of this quite easily and began picking things up and throwing them. The family screamed and a crowd gathered around. I started knocking everything I could off shelves as I flew right by them, then picked up a few glass soda bottles and smashed them on the ground. Some people were in terror, others amazed, but I started to feel paranoid that I could be caught. (Not sure why I didn’t finish this dream but I think it ends with me getting caught)