Magic gone awry.

Date: 4/27/2019

By draykonflame

I was training to learn and do magic but I wasn’t very good. And so I took an extra class so I could learn harder material. This class utilizes anothe realm or something. It was cool but I was really nervous. So I get chosen along with my friend to do a mission and all the missions are specifically geared towards us and they are chosen magically. My job is to go to the realm and collect a human heart, and the other person I’m with only has to retrieve food or something. And also there’s a rule that if you stray away from the walking line too long then something kills you. So I’m with my friend and I’m really nervous on how to do this. I was scared. But eventually I get the courage to seek someone out. An innocent person in a convenience store. I’m looking at her and she sees me and starts walking towards me. And as soon as she gets close enough I stab her, I think 7 times, with a pencil. You can see the bloody punctures throughout her chest. Then I push her to the floor while she’s writhing and I start ripping open her skin. I dig deep into her chest and pull out the heart along with some other organ. -for some reason she had a strawberry inside her as well,, - completely emotionless, and i get the organ and leave the realm. I felt nothing. As I tore that random lady apart and her friends and family saw me. No one cared and neither did i. I’m walking towards my teacher to show her that I succeed and when I see her I burst into tears and scream her name. I’m screaming that I’m sorry and that i don’t wanna be in the class. She’s just hugging me telling me it’s alright and asking what happened. And so I explain to her that I was meant to retrieve a heart and then she looks concerned. We walk back inside the school and my dad’s there and he asks what’s wrong and then he puts a ward or some type of spell to stop that from happening again. I don’t know why it shook me up so much but it did