Date: 4/18/2017

By Memoireb

Me and my friends Elizabeth, Carmen and Tomas where at my school. I had gone to another room, for some reason. When I came back, everyone was killing the people who "where not worth it" or "didn't deserve to go trough it" I had no idea whet they where talking about, but I did not want to be killed. I went and grabbed my friends Elizabeth, Carmen and Tomas. But, they noticed us. Then, in the remaining people had to play a game of ping-pong, but it was different. We where in a room (kind of like the gym) and we where supposed to pass the ball to everyone, and who ever has the most times the ball won, and did not have to be killed, and the person who lost, was killed. Me and my friends had lost, so I took their hands and made run for it. I took them to Spar and made them take as much food as possible, and ran. (The store was empty, because everyone had been killed.) We went to my apartment (which was not my apartment, but it had been my apartnemt in another dream, idk why) But I noticed that we where being followed amd someone was banging on the door. I led them to the bathroom because for some reason the door was made out of metal and you could lock it, and it would be imposible to get in from the outside, there was a bunch of toilets (like stalls) a bunch of baths and showers, we had a mini fridge and all that food we had taken. (It was a lot) and when we ran out, I could just go in the kitchen and take more. (the kitchen was really big too) and the last reason was because there was water. I ran to some room, and took a bunch of mattreses, pillows and blankets. I want inside woth them and set up our cave thing. I looked out our small window and saw the remaining of my class and friends, with a bunch of more food. I made the risk, and went outside to offer them to come with us inside, when the banging stoped. I took them in and we talked about stuff. At some point, we needed help. So I went to our neighbors appartment and asked them for something I can't remember anymore. they helped us and left. At some point, my friend Eli had gone temporarily blind, and it had been my job to help her. I asked her what she wanted and she said "roasted watermelon" I had no idea hiw to do that, but I tried. It turned out lokking like a green rock, and asked her if it was supposed to look like that, and she said yes. Suddenly, I became lucid, and flew away. That's when I woke up.