adventures in India

Date: 8/21/2017

By salvo

My family and I went to India for a trip. We got to see some pretty cool historical stuff like old pirate ships and junk. Then, we decided to go to dinner. And my dad pulls out a whole bunch of weed, and instead of smoking it we all just straight up ate it. So now we're all high as fuck and the waitress comes over to ask us what we want. My sister leans over and stage whispers, "Yo, can we get some more of that?" And the waitress whispers right back, "I got you." So she comes back with more weed and we eat that too. Then we decide to go to Toys R Us bc my dad needed a motorcycle for transporting something (I'm not sure what it was anymore). The Toys R Us looks like a giant warehouse with really tall ceilings and industrial lighting and metal shelves; just overall the exact opposite of what you'd expect a Toys R Us to be. So we find this motorcycle and the Joker shows up. He's riding around Toys R Us on his own motorcycle trying to find people to kidnap. So everyone there has to hide, but we have this big ass motorcycle so we don't hide in time, and the Joker rides up to us and tries to trick us into letting him kidnap us. My youngest sister (who is still very high) starts telling him how rich we apparently are, which obviously is a bad idea. But anyways we try to escape down some garbage shoot or something. I don't really remember the end of the dream.