Haunted Hotel, Dance, Virtual Reality, RP, LS, and a busy night.

Date: 6/29/2017

By ace200

I went to Great Wolf Lodge alone with Ashlee. Kiera, Genna, Kendall, and Cameron M were there too in a speerate room, im not sure why. Caitlyn showed up too, but with other people which confused Ashlee and I. I remember looking for my contacts, but not having them and putting on my mom's, which I did have in a pink case. Then I found mine. My mom got Ashlee and I the suite. It was enormous with three bedrooms and stairs, or so I thought. Once night hit, the room turned into a full on mansion, old too. Very vintage and creepy. There were so many rooms. Everything seemed to be made of white wood. There were beautiful bathrooms and so much more. Eventually, I found a balcony and realized I had searched the whole night and it was now morning. The large white wooden balcony went over a pond where two girls were playing on the other side, in old vintage dresses. I got Ashlee to come out by calling her and went to the edge of the balcony, where it broke and I fell into the pond. The two girls playing across the way ran through the water toward me. "Do you have a tennis racket?" They called, and somehow I knew they wanted to lay me on it. They brought me back to the balcony, but just then everything went back to nighttime and the mansion became a hotel room again. Ashlee and I were confused. Somehow I knew a family of girls and a wife and husband lived there and I think the husband murdered them all. I'm just still amazed at how detailed the house was. I was then at the Mall with Sarah where I again saw Caitlyn with other friends. In a section of the mall, we could do virtual realities and step into other worlds. We could go into the show ICarly and other stuff. I remember trying to get kids at the mall to do it too. Sarah left I guess and I was outside with Luke and Mike. Taydem was pulling out so I must have spent time with her. I was waiting for my ride. Just then, the road started dipping and turning red and sinking. Cars were getting pulled into who knows where. Luke and I ran, but different parts of the road kept sinking. I took a wrong turn and almost fell into a dipping road but he saved me. I was a dancer at a new studio and could do so many turns at once, but was doing hip hop which I didn't like with a lady and her daughter. I somehow was texting Lucas Steele and he met me on a bus and found me because I had a dog. I remember him looking at people with dogs until he found me and I told him about my anxiety. He was very nice. I also met River Phoenix at dinner, yet knew he was dead. It was brief. I almost played the memory video I made of him, but wondered if he knew he was dead and decided against it.