Escaped Prison

Date: 8/20/2017

By mysticmusic94

So for some reason my brother, mom and I were all in prison. We wanted to escape so I wanted until a police officer walked by through a door that I could hold open with my phone when he went to shut it. I did that and when the police officer left we went through the door and there was a wall we could climb over and a fence on the other side we had to jump over. We did this then we went separate ways trying not to get caught. I went to this place and walked in a bathroom and shut the door until I heard my brother and mom walk by. Then all of a sudden I heard police dogs and they were gone then I knew it was over because they knew I was in he bathroom. Then something happened and I blacked out because of being attacked by the dogs. After this I escaped again and went to a grocery store to get groceries to bring back to the prison. I went through every ale and chose foods carefully and I ran into two friends while I was there. As I was walking through aisles I saw a police officer but luckily he didn't recognize me even though others did. After this I had to go back to the prison and there were these rituals going on and then this mean lady starting going through my clothes and taking what she wanted. It was very odd.