Ambush & Kidnapping

Date: 4/17/2017

By ThatHayleyBeing

It started with me hiding out in a forest with a family (not my own). There was six of them. Two young boys, a girl about my age, a mother, grandmother and a baby girl. I apparently discovered them after escaping from a fortress. I was living with them for about two weeks until a bunch of scouts (around 4 or 5) started to ambush us. I had gotten close to the girl my age and I was trying to get everyone ready to be on the move and out of their own cabin when the girl was shot multiple times so me being me, I turned back and lifted up the girl to only be shot in my weak arm shoulder, dropping the girl immediately. I remember being in excruciating pain and being knocked out by the impact of the gun against my head. I remember recovering consciousness at the back of a lorry by myself and when we stopped one of the scouts grabbed me by my left arm and pulled me out. She whispered in my ear "Welcome back." I instantly realised who had taken me. I struggled to get away from the woman but my shoulder was acting up so I couldn't do much. When we got inside the fortress the two leaders came over to me. One started to spit on me and punched me repeatedly. Then the other one pulled them away from me and I was then taken to get a uniform for easy identification. The sight I saw was disturbing. I witnessed a girl running for her life then the next moment she was shot in the knees and then in the head.