so real

Date: 2/23/2017

By ajm

So I'm in what is like my old apartment and chloe is home and a lady lives with us but she's not my mom she's younger. As I'm walking up these stairs I decide to count my fingers and they sort of slant to the side. It doesn't feel right so I'm getting the feeling that this is a dream. I should have payed deeper attention but then I checked the watch that I had on my wrist and it said 5:38 and there was no way it was 5 in the morning or at night. It was between 11 and 3 I could tell Then Im wanting to go to someone's house. So I'm opening the door and it feels so real! But then I go back inside and I am fully controlling this. I am taking my eyeliner the little nub that I have left of it, and putting it on my waterline. Then I take mascara and put that on and it makes it look like I have liner on my lash line so I am pleased with that THEN I check my hands again and I start counting my fingers and their almost lagging when I'm bringing them up but there are 2 fingers where one would be I walk out the door and there is a breeze and I'm chilly it feels like it's waking life The grass is super green and I friends wind up coming and I'm still trying to think of who's house to go to