Met my horrible cousin

Date: 3/22/2019

By Luke_V

My 2 closest cousins are living in the same country as I do, the rest of my family are abroad. We were meeting my cousin and my uncle and aunty by their farm. We had to drive up lots of mountains and hills and it was very dangerous and one simple move could’ve killed me and my family. But eventually we reached there. We had to walk down a very large hill to get there. I met my uncle and aunty and the rude cousin, except, my other favorite cousin wasn’t there for some reason. I quickly realized coming here was a waste of time as there was literally nothing to do. And not to mention I forget my phone. When I said I forget my phone, the rude cousin said “Wow, dunce” my parents heard what he said but didn’t say nothing. My aunt and uncle showed us around the farm, but it started to rain, so we quickly rushed towards the car and we went to my place home. When we reached home everybody rushed upstairs. The rain was only drizzling by now, but for some reason there were people surrounding our house for no reason. I was upstairs with my rude cousin and he started bad talking me, couldn’t remember the words he said and I couldn’t remember if I had talked back to him. One of the persons that was in our house was this short, frail boy from my class. He apparently heard how my cousin was bad talking me and he jumped on my cousin and started fighting him in the bathroom and my cousin fell down into the ground. My cousin started crying, he was 14 years old turning 15 this year. I remember I was so shocked that he was actually crying. I took out my phone and started to tape a video, careful for him not to see me, and I sent it to my other cousin, the rude cousin’s sister. That was all I could’ve recalled from the dream, but the part when my friend jumped on my cousin and when I was taping the video of him crying, it felt to real like it it was actually happening at the very moment