Family secrets

Date: 7/24/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Im staying over at my grandparents house and it's the middle of the night. I decide to go exploring, and end up at the stairs to the basement. Except that there are also stairs that go up to the attic. Those stairs are much narrower and spiral around behind a wall. There are stacks of newspapers on them, and the place is just very cluttered in general. I walk very carefully, trying not to make the floors squeak too much. My heart beats fast as I climb the stairs, dodging all the clutter. I'm not really supposed to be up here, but I'm really bored and want to explore. The attic is just as cluttered and cobwebby as the staircase and looks nothing like their attic irl. It's dark, only moonlight shining in, and dust is in the air. I decide to head left. I find a whole other bedroom, that looks to have been abandoned, not used for a long time. There are old comic books and dressers and lamps and everything--as though someone had been living in it and then spontaneously just left one day. I cross over to the bed, dust it off a bit, and lay down. I just look around for a while, but then I hear a noise from the stairs. I can't remember now if I've closed the door to the stairs. If my grandparents get up to go to the bathroom in the night, as they always do, they'll see it open. I freeze, my heart pounding. If someone catches me up here I'll surely get in trouble for snooping. I creep across towards the closet and find a vent down by the floor. It's just big enough for me to crawl through so I hurry inside. I don't remember much from inside there, but when I came out the other side I was in an empty basement room. There is no door, just four cement walls. There's a small window at the top of the far wall, so I go investigate. There bars across, but more like lattice. I see my the street and grandparents' neighbors house. From the angle I realize that I'm underneath their giant pine tree in the front yard. I can feel a strange presence down there, and it feels like a woman's with me, but I don't see anyone. "Well that's strange" I comment. I find a plate of crusty old sugar cookies down there and decide to try a few. They were nasty and covered in spider webs. I figure I should head back. Back in the attic, I explore the other room, to the right of the staircase. It's not as old looking as the other, and I figure it wouldn't be bad with a bit of cleaning. I'm enjoying planning all the sleepovers with friends I can have. I think I ended up telling my dad about it in the dream, because I was so curious. Apparently the room in the attic was my aunts, and the room under the tree was where my aunt would sneak off to as a kid, and then climb out the window because she was in love with the neighbor boy (his house was the one I could see from the lattice window). She always took sugar cookies to the boy. But then, one day my grandparents figured out what was going on and boarded up the window with lattice and locked the vent--all while she was down there, and my aunt died. (Hence why I was feeling the presence of her "ghost") All very creepy, and my aunt is very much alive irl.