I had a weird spinny power???

Date: 8/8/2017

By willowgroves

I had a dream that I had these magic powers. I was able to disintegrate things and like use force to make me able to. I was with the avengers and we were trying to make the world a better place and the team as strong as possible. one.time we were running down a hill as this huge person followed us down the street. we were like being followed and this person was like smashing houses and I had temporarily forgotten how my powers worked. I ran into a different garden to the Rest of them to try to hide but theirs was soon knocked over. and mine was on the edge of a cliff so this huge person would fall if they stepped onto it. we ran right to the furthest point and we were with another class. Harry and Hermione and Ron were with me and this teacher was trying to make students touch insects and this one girl was putting insects on everyone so I went up to her and pretended to put something on her whilst basically using my power to confuse her. then we ran and ended up in this huge building. I was like the leader of the group as the only person with powers. I told them all to where something beneath their clothes just in case. I then was trying to locate Clint and Natasha and sort the help of an archangel in the sense of Taylor swift. but she didn't manage to get back so I ended up jumping out a window and flying back to my parents and all my grandparents who were all alive I then figured out my power and was able to throw things in the air and by spinning my hand I was able to destroy them