strange asylum

Date: 6/1/2017

By dianalex

the first part of the dream I remember, I was launched on a rope towards the moon. so I was on the moon holding a damn rope. and then someone joins me in space, and it's my friend A. he tells me about this "safe space" on earth and it's basically this massive building with no rooms no dividers nothing. it's supposed to be therapy of some sort. so I lasso myself back down to earth and i go look for that place, and all my friends are there. people there are telling me that that was a completely communal space and no one works and we just sleep there and do whatever we want for free. no one knows who runs the place. the only thing is that you've got to have absolute trust in everyone around you, since privacy is essentially non existent. anyway I don't care about any of that and I'm just talking to my friends. we decide to take a walk outside. so there's idk 5 of us who decided to go out, including my friend S. she starts talking about some cool rollerblading trick and says she'll show us, but as we were about to cross a road, we tell her it's not a good idea. she does it anyway and we're laughing cuz she's like rollerblading backwards and doing some stupid action, but then she's going really fast as she hits a ledge and we're like S WATCH OUT but it's too late and she's tripped on the ledge at a really high speed and she falls backwards really hard, her neck lands hard against the ledge and there's an inhuman CRAAACK and oh god, the horror. blood starts pooling around her head and we all dash across the road. I'm telling people to call the emergency line (idk why but everyone was in a state of shock and not knowing what to do except me). and my friend who dials doesn't know what to say so I take the phone and give instructions. turns out we were in front of the paragon. I'm like "hi there's been a traffic accident please come now" and before I can tell them my location they say they're already on the way. confused, I say "we're in front of the paragon" and they say okay and hang up. anyway then we wait for a REALLY long time but the ambulance never arrives. but then S wakes up and we're like omg?? you're not dead and she's super chill like nothing even happened. but also she's suddenly turned into my grandma lol (??) but THEN the ambulance arrives and they try to shift her and we keep telling them her neck's broken but they ignore us and she starts screaming in pain. only then do they stop. there's more to the dream like just my grandma/S receiving therapy and A plays a bigger role, keeping me company and stuff. but those scenes are iffy already.