landy is a bully and I'm on swim team.

Date: 1/20/2017

By daveyevad

A lot of the dream is faded already but I made the swim team and it was my job to call all the other members of the swim team and make some kind of connection I did it for several and it went fairly well but I anticipate problems when I have to call Slater. He refused to come to the phone I think I was in high school and the stream his mom called him to the phone again he finally came and it turned out he was a lot friendlier than I thought he was going to be but he still seem to reserve the possibility of acting like a dick and a bullyThe bully thing may be related to the fact that Andre has been acting like a class a bully cording to the reports heard from Michelle and Rodi. Anyway there was more but that's all that I can remember right now