Date: 3/14/2019

By SicksRayne

My fiancé was working at her new store, she started to come home high all the time and I was highly against this new attitude. After awhile she started to come home high on heavier stuff like crack, cocaine, you name it. I approached her about it and expressed how upset I was that this was taking place. She screams at me that she’s only a little addicted but she needs money to keep up her slight addiction. Because “all the employees at her new store do it.” I felt helpless and like I was losing the love of my life to the virus that is the drug scene. I begged her to stop, we were laying in bed next to each other as we talked about how much I NEEDED her to please stop because my best friend died from a drug OD and I didn’t want it in my life and especially not that close to me again. After begging and pleading with her, feeling like this dream had to be 100% real, I awoke, had to look over at her in bed next to me, collect my reality and confirm that it had indeed all just been a screwed up dream. No drugs in our lives, thank god. Maybe a sign that I am just afraid of losing her to the circle of life as is since I naturally associate hard drugs with death, given my best friend died 4 years ago from it. SicksRayne