Mob Mall

Date: 1/27/2017

By lomarie3

The dream started with me walking through a crowded mall. It was really busy and there were people all around. All of the sudden, people started collapsing. No one took notice except for me. They would silently fall to the ground. The one I remember most vividly was a petite Chinese woman to my right that fell to the ground. I looked around trying to figure out why no one was noticing and why it was happening. I remember the feeling being similar to in Inception when the projections became skeptical of the dream world and looked at the creator. I had that feeling as people in the mall would look at me. I tracked it down to a small meeting that was happening at the coffee shop in the middle of the mall at a small table. There were four beefy men around it. Most of them were bald. They were discussing what just happened. I never saw proof, but I knew that they were in the mob and carrying out these attacks. I listened in and caught the eye of a girl that was with them. She started chasing me and I ran up an incline to get away and when I came back down the men were waiting at the bottom. In that moment I had to figure out how to save myself. In that moment I had to decide: be killed, or become one of them. My response, without hesitation, was that I was trying to prove myself to them in order to become one of them. Moral of the story: I became a mob member. This dream was so vivid, I wish I knew what it meant haha