Sad dream/metal detector?

Date: 3/14/2017

By FatGoose

In my dream I was at home and it was actually an up to date version of our home. I was getting ready to leave, I don't know if I was leaving for good or for a limited time. Either way, I was so sad I was actually crying in my dream which has never happened, ever. There was some odd cartoon on the TV which was relevant to the dream because the characters were leaving and crying too. The setting changed to the front yard and I had borrowed my father's metal detector (he hasn't had it for about 10 years) to find something in the street. I don't think I found what I was looking for. The setting adjusted slightly to my wife and I sitting on a very large boulder crying heavily. We were hugging and kissing like we would never see each other again. My phone was laying on the ground when my dad called to say he wax coming over to get his metal detector. Sarah and I hid all emotion when he drove up. We went inside the house and while I was getting his metal detector he went to one of the back windows, specifically one of the two in the dining room. He opened it to let in the dog or one of our old cats, I don't remember for sure. I remember stopping him because our current car would try to get out and he's an indoor cat. Then I woke up.