Him again - giant squid

Date: 6/6/2019

By starsandneurons

We were at a wedding. I don’t know who was getting married, and I don’t know why we were both there. I remember having the hopeful feeling in my stomach that he would come talk to me. Finally he did, he walked up and hugged me from behind. We were beside an ocean, perhaps even on a huge ship. There was an area with a hole that looked down into the water. A friend was babysitting a child, playing beside this hole, when a giant squid decided to follow us trying to get the child. We called in help. The only way to lose the squid was to slowly place a weight on him until he gave up. Apparently he weighed 20 tons. But somehow we did it. I lost contact with him sometime during the rescue. I kept hoping he’d find me again.