Hangar Frenzy, Alternate worlds

Date: 7/29/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm in kind of a department store place, but there are just racks of clothes everywhere. It feels kind of like a game show, where I've got to pick stuff out and fill up my rack. I start to get really obsessive and am switching out hangars and things so that all the ones on my rack will match. There are a bunch of people in there doing the same task, and we're trying to beat a clock. The guy running the game show comes by to see my progress and finds it hilarious to see me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I got hangars in my mouth and under my arms and just everywhere. Then I'm in a huge, empty parking lot. It's dark out, and there are probably 500 kids out here at least--myself included. We're all spreading ourselves out on the lines. We are supposed to be learning choreography to some routine. For some reason I have a really strong Charlie and the chocolate factory vibe from this part of the dream...maybe the dance instructor was Willy wonka or something... At a certain point it goes back to me putting clothes on hangars and racks, but in the parking lot. Then it goes back to the dancing, but now everyone is scattered so we have to reorganize ourselves. I see some of the people I stand next to, so I go over to follow them. There are a ton of lines on the pavement and I can't really remember where I'm supposed to stand. The one girl totally trips and faceplants into the gravel as we're all hurrying to get back to our spots, but she just keeps whining and complaining so much that we can't get her to get up and join us. We ended up leaving her behind. I can't really remember the next part, but I know it was quite complex and a lot of stuff happened. There were people that broke in to our dance session, and we had to fight them off, and they ended up taking us somewhere. Once we were there, there was a lot of me trying to find a way to escape, but only ever getting strange vague answers from the very few adults in this weird world that we were in. Not entirely sure what happened, but Robin Williams was there, don't know what character he was playing, and he was the only person willing to help me. He was a little bit crazy, but really wanted me to uncover the secrets of this place. Eventually I find a way to get out, and now I'm in a themepark--like Universal and Disney mashed together. Someone is telling me that there was this event long ago that a bounty was placed on the lives of all kids, so a select few adults had banded together to essentially kidnap all the kids and put them in this alternate world while the evil people were dealt with. But after that was over, they couldn't get back to that alternate world and the kids were stranded. I'd found a way to get us out and all the parents of the kids were so happy to have their children back, as we're all the other citizens. There was a parade, but as this is a themepark there are princess and whatnot. I also find out that this "alternate world" wasn't exactly a place, and that everything I'd seen there was essentially just a hallucination. I remember feeling very distraught that everything all these kids had experienced for the last decade(no one aged) were just hallucinations and nothing was real. Then some friends show up and we decide to go enjoy the themepark like normal. Eventually Ali shows up, and I'm so excited to show her everything. We were headed to Harry Potter world, but then the dream was over. ... I'm still with Ali, but we're back in my town instead of the themepark. We're headed to writing group which is going to be at a Starbucks in town. It's night time again, so pretty dark, and I'm driving. For whatever reason I am just utterly awful at driving. (The steering wheel was also on the European side, but we still drove on the American side of the road which was odd) I go to merge onto the freeway but totally don't even look in my mirrors or my blind spot or anything. I just go for it. Of course this results in me completely cutting this guy off, and he's so close to hitting me that he slams on his brakes, and winds up swerving crazily off the road and launching up and over a guardrail. Ali is a bit horrified that I just did that but I just keep driving. Then, further down the road, she's trying to give me directions but I'm always just like "what, I'm turning there? At that one?" Then turn wildly at the last second, nearly crashing into everything. Ali is like "ugh what is wrong with you! I'm driving next time!"