What the Fuck?

Date: 8/12/2017

By Dungeon-Dude

I dressed up as a mentally retarded Hillary Clinton and snuck into her company. Somehow, everyone in our group followed her around and she seemed very strange. I remember that missa and Mery lived in a one story house with a strange greenhouse in  the back. The front was a glass door that somehow someone managed to get from its hinges. After screwing with hilöary royally, she came after us and I had to put the door back in place, but missa seemed very reluctant to help. She heated the sound of glass or porcelain being smashed against the door and everyone was panicking. Hillary's plan was to point out the contradiction in my statements at the AGE . At some point, we were in a discounter and I put on a show for the people. Somehow, Hillary's closest officials didn't know who the real hillary was.