so small in an empty city

Date: 1/28/2017

By bear

In this dream my friend Jeremy and I were wandering around in a city. It was mostly empty, maybe a few people who were working at a random place. Something was strange about the city, everything looked run down and then covered in paint the color of the Statue of Liberty. A table and chairs looked bigger than me at one point.i forget what we were doing... In another dream I was with my old step sister. We were at a clothing store and getting her something the wear. The store had the vibe of a music show at the same time. We chose a shirt that was white, it had metallic threads through it on vertical lines that made the short shimmer and embroidered flowers. It was gorgeous and soft because it was made of a very thin material. I think we needed up walking out with the security tag attached. Then I met these two men. One of them was gay. I was really attracted to his personality and both of them were really great people. They kissed and it got me really excited then I started making out with the other guy. I woke up and fell back into the dream with this guy a couple times. Then another dream started and I was getting a job. They said they needed proof I could commit so I told them that I had gotten hand fastened to my boyfriend for a year. Then I was an assistant in a classroom, passing out things to the kids and then there was a moment the kids chose something of there own to add to the pot. At one point my boyfriend and another guy were there. The other guy was just a friend someone I didn't know well. At one point we were watching a movie with the lights low and the guys were naked. The movie that was playing was not appropriate for children. I became aware of how this made me feel and I told them what the fuckkkk put your clothes back on. At the end of the dream I was outside wandering in an outside mall. I was trying to go somewhere but turned back.