lots of things

Date: 7/4/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I will just put in what I remember. I remember walking down the street with a group of people. We were looking for a good time. there were about 5 of us and I remember Nella and Jeff both were part of the group. Kurt was in my f****** dream, pretending to care about me and my friends. saying that if we come back late we should eat somewhere else. I remember I was wearing a camouflage cargo pants, but I guess those are just fatigues anyway. .there was a policeman that looked like Adam Sandler, and he got killed by someone. I think he was stabbed, although he may have been shot. . no one around seemed to mind, though. I walked by him as his eyes were closing and I told him that I was sorry. There was some blood on me, and that was when I left. remember playing soccer. very large open Plaza in a house that had pets, and there were tables we had to move out of the way. it looked like there was a party going on. chickens scooted out of the way so that we could play soccer. There were children small children, really young kind of obstructing the game, kicking the ball out of bounds, or throwing the ball on the roof. I think one was Julian, and they're wad smoother with dark blonde, curly hair.