3 things

Date: 6/14/2017

By Insanity2122

At one point of the dream, I was searching for a specific red pop that doesn't exist and I made up in the dream. I know it started with a j, but I can't remember the name. I searched all pop dispensers, and couldn't find it. I even checked the fridge type things that are usually at stores. I went through the side/back entrance of a Tim Hortons, and checked there, but to no avail. At another part of the dream, I was in a video game, and got this one blue and red boomerang type thing, but shaped weird with a circle in the middle. Later I was asked where I got it by a character, because to complete "the quest" I needed to get another one into the hands of a pedestrian. They were looking, and asked me where I found it. I said in the shop type thing by the entrance ( it was a tiny room in the wall). They searched, and asked for further directions, so I said in the bottom left. They got it, but there was also a blue and orange yin yang thing, with it being two dragons/fish. For the next part, I woke up for the last full day of school, and wanted to wear face paint. Strangely, I was asleep on my couch, but what's even weirder is that it was an extra part, sticking out towards the tv. I was under my black/blue fuzzy blanket. I needed to use resin on my face first, it was in a clear bottle labeled resin. I grabbed an orange disk with text on it, put it back, then got the bottle. My mom said "that can kill you! Don't get it in your eyes!" I said I'd be fine, and applied it. I didn't die. I then had to apply the face paint. I wanted to do blue on the left neon green on the right, and then swap the last day. I did that. I don't remember any more.