The Bayou

Date: 5/9/2017

By ebiscuit18

It was the hour of twilight. The air was dense and heavy around us. You could see the haze hanging around the swamp. Nick looked over at me, "watch your step through here..." I looked over at him perplexed, "if you mean don't step in the swamp, I think I got that part" I said to him sarcastically. Everyone came to a dead stop suddenly. Nick and I both looked around. The sky grew darker almost immediately. Nick unholstered his pistol. I could hear faint sounds in the distance, like someone was walking through the swamp. It began to grow a little louder and more apparent. A look of terror came over Nick's face, "Fuck!" Moans began erupting around us. Rotted corpses stood before us, their eyes glowing red. Their teeth were gnashing and claws flailing attempting to reach for our team. A siren began sounding. Then everything went silent and a dark guttural voice began speaking as if it were an entire group, "we are the horde and you cannot stop us." Nick began shooting the creatures and running through. I took off behind him trying to keep up.