I don't even know

Date: 8/9/2017

By Snowpile

So maybe the most hardcore and intricate and insane dreams ever. I was a part of a group of ancient humans that lived well over 50,000 years ago or so. Alive when the comet stuck earth and caused the "great deluge" that all societies have myths about (otherwise known as Noah's flood). We had decided that to save humanity we would travel through time to sometime after the comet struck and ensure the comet fragments that hit earth in the belt don't hit earth again at a later date and completely wipe out humanity. But before we could do that this evil space race tried to kill us all. I was the only one able to escape and teleport out. But then had trouble finding and using the tool developed to push away the larger comet fragments still orbiting the sun in earths path that would eventually hit earth. I don't remember if I was successful in moving the big chunks away. If I remember right before the part in the past I was fishing in a stream and bitching that it was only catch and release because I really wanted some naturally caught fish and then a large comet fragment hit earth and that was the point when I traveled back in time and became part of the group to stop that comet fragment from killing all humans. So much time travel and other things, I can't keep it all straight but it was awesome.