The Bachelorette Dream Compilation

Date: 7/9/2017

By SHeesch26

I'm living on this campus that seems to be something between college dorms and adult apartments all off by itself in whatever town. I'm walking up the long stretch to go check my mail when I see a bunch of guys holding single roses and then showing this woman their ID, after which they begin to celebrate. I check my mail to find d a rose and realize that I've been accepted to be a part of the Bachelorette! I'm not nearly as excited as the grown men (one guy mentioned he was 32) around me but still happy I can give the show a shot. *Quick scene change* I'm talking to best friend Mark about this Bachelorette deal as we're standing on a semi solid dirt pile. Mark continues to talk as I dig divets into the pile to make some seats/stairs in the pile. *Return to main scene* The woman who is certifying that the men are themselves jumps off an overpass-like structure, whips out a staff, and glides away (like Aang in Avatar). Realizing I hadn't confirmed by ID I chase her across campus with my ID out and catch her on the other side of campus opening doors for some concert. The second the doors open, hundreds of teens and college age kids storm the door she just opened. I realized I had two wallets but wasn't sure which pocket mine was in so I pull out the first one and recognize it is not mine, with a short panic setting in. I quickly realized it was Mark's and grab the other wallet. Once her breath back she confirmed my ID and asked for an interview. Now in a small square room with Austin, Abel, Claudio, Kyle, and the interviewer we're talking away. Kyle and Claudio are playfully fighting but it's pretty aggressive for not being serious, which clearly discomforts the interviewer since she's kinda close. Last scene, I'm sprinting into a Denny's-like restaurant where I meet my mom and a group of three (some family friends) where we're trying to get a big table to reserve but the Heesch crowd isn't all there yet.