Lucid Daydream collection #1

Date: 3/12/2017

By mugen_

So, I was reading a novel in the afternoon in bed. I tried hard to stay awake but kept falling asleep. What stunned me was I pictured myself placing a blue couch into a panel... So I kept working on it, actually just trying to imagine the details.. and then I kept hearing the neighbour who lives above me banging things on his floor.. not sure if that was real or not. The first dream was only semi lucid, where I was the main character in a medieval war game. Open field, enemies and strategy. I woke up but only in my dream body. From then on I was lucid- because I jumped out of my bedroom window, to find a great blue pool, where kids were playing, which was surrounded by a sort of market filled with merchants. All I remember was feeling like Luffy from One Piece at a certain point, as I had on blue jeans rolled up to the bottom of my knees. I jumped from really high in the air into the pool. Funny thing is I forgot to get wet or actually enter the pool. Well, it was a lot of fun for a day dream. I had many more escapades which I can't remember.