Dream of Lucid dream

Date: 2/3/2017

By Dreamer95

Inside the dream, I woke up from my bed and I felt sleepy. I was still very sleepy and I felt that I dreamt during my sleep so I thought that I might have a good chance to lucid dream. I tried to induce the lucid dream, and very soon, I fell into the hypnagogic state really fast, I started to see hallucinations, heard noises and I was so excited. During that process, I wasn't sure if I should "open" my eyes so I just close my eyes. Then I can feel my hands start to float and at this point, I opened my eyes and the dream collapsed and set back to the reality (still inside the dream). I woke up and see my hands, and I got more fingers and it felt weird but everything was very vague so I tried to pass my fingers through my hands to do a reality check but I failed. Then I started slashing my arms to make myself bleed (another reality check) but nothing happened. So I thought I was back to my real reality. Then moments later, I woke up again back to the REAL world.